Nepal – Pokhara, Monsoon Rain

Pokhara, Nepal, June 2016. An umbrella is a good investment, along with a pair of waterproof boots if one is visiting Pokhara, and Nepal in general between June and October as the monsoon rain arrives in earnest. Paths and tracks turn to mud while open spaces can suffer from plenty of water-logging. Yes, its the monsoon season here in Pokhara, but the good news is it doesn’t rain all the time!

So here’s how the climate is shaping up in Pokhara early to mid June. Of course the weather is not exactly predictable but in general, from around 10 Am heat and humidity will steadily build and continue to build thought the day. The temperature will hover around the 31 C. Late afternoon and a thunderstorm will occur lasting about 1 hour, wind and rain making a welcome break from the heat. From mid June the rains are more frequent but occurring more often than not during the hours of darkness with drizzle and overcast conditions lasting into mid morning. Sometimes the overcast will stay throughout the day keeping the temperature cool, but if the sun comes out that heat and humidity will build quickly triggering more storms later.

Unsurprisingly the Fewa Lake fills up rather quickly during monsoon rains and as can be seen below, the path to the pier is submerged much of the time. On the plus side, when a storm finishes up round about sunset time then on-lookers are treated to a spectacle of nature – a rather nice Himalayan sunset!


A Himalayan sunset during the monsoon season.


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