Nepal – Pokhara, The Rainy Season

Pokhara, Nepal, June 2016. Three good reasons to visit Pokhara in the rainy season:

First, the dwindling number of Western tourists from the start of June means prices are a little bit cheaper, especially accommodation wise. Food and drink too are a little cheaper with extended happy hours and special offers.

Secondly, a little less pollution and a lot less dust. As the air gets mixed up after a rainy spell so vehicle pollution gets dissipated more than in the dry season, and of course a damp ground keeps those levels of dust at bay – mind you, the locals still choke and spit as much as ever!

Thirdly, everywhere is a display of lush green vegetation, particularity in the parklands alongside the lake front. Prior to June, the place is a dust bowl, parched earth and scorched grasslands. With the rains approaching a marked regeneration of plant life and nature in general can provide nature spotters with an array of interesting subjects to photograph.

So, as the rainy season gets underway, here are a selection of nature photos: A god time for birds especially those that like to scratch around in the mud. As the lake fills so the locals get busy fishing. Reptiles of course just love the warm rains and they wake up and forage for food, especially snakes!

I suppose this snake is going to eat that lizard!




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