Nepal -Prithivi Highway, Not For Travellers With a Nervous Disposition

Kathmandu, Nepal, June 2016. Arguably one of the worlds most scenic public highways, the Prithivi Highway.The road meanders among the Himalayan hills being the only direct link to Pokhara overland. Its also a road that attracts some rather dubious driving standards – plenty of risky overtaking on corners combined with the shear drop below can be somewhat nauseating, especially for those with a nervous disposition. On the other hand, its a journey like no other in terms of scenery and its probably the best way to see Nepal’s stunning landscapes. If it all proves too much, get off at the next town and walk and walk and walk. yes, its a long way to Pokhara, but actually those with the enthusiasm and energy have walked it!

Climbing out of Kathmandu Valley, the first couple of hours are the most scenic the most risky as the narrow road snakes around the hills.

Stunning landscapes and a good look at rural Nepal from the Prithivi Highway.

After about 2 hours the rod descends down in to the valley and so one can begin to relax a little as it all seems just a little less dangerous!

A much needed toilet stop for some passengers! The closer to Pokhara the greener the scenery becomes.

Bus to Pokhara Top Tips: The average ticket price should be $8. Journey time average 6-7 hours with 2 stops for food and toilet. Buy a ticket from the guesthouse or hotel. Tickets can be sold on the bus but may cost more. Holiday Travels are equipped with wifi and air conditioning. Best scenic views are on the right. 


8 thoughts on “Nepal -Prithivi Highway, Not For Travellers With a Nervous Disposition

  1. I first did this journey in 1983 though admittedly not in a bus but in a large 4×4 and if you think it’s scary now you should have seen it all those years ago. The positive thing I most remember though is a lunch stop at Mugling, daal bhaat, kukra ko maasu as much as you could eat. Nepali price too because of my wife!

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