Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur,The Elevated View

Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 2016. I’m on another Brickfields stopover with more time to kill than usual. Since I’ve already stomped around Kuala Lumpur several times in the past this time I need to find something of a different perspective, something that will cost next to nothing and something that wont consume a great deal to time. Well, that’s really quite an easy solution – ride around on the elevated rail systems and see the city from above the traffic, the nose and the tourists.

Just a short 6-7 minute stomp from Brickfields to the transportation hub at KL Sentral. The easiest way to actually get there is to navigate through the NU Sentral Mall by following the signs – its all straight forward but may  seem daunting at first glance. When at Sentral one can take the Light Rail Transit system that reaches out to the nearer suburbs. Today, I’m taking the Kelana Jaya line towards the suburb of Petaling Jaya and back again. Yes, its a good line to see those city skyscrapers and get a brief glimpse of Suburban Kuala Lumpur. Here;s a few snaps from the 40 minute journey to Asia Jaya and return.


So there you have it – a quick and easy alternative to grab those unique Kuala Lumpur city views. Next let’s take a ride on the Mono-rail towards the downtown….


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