Philippines – Palawan, Goodbye, farewell, So-long

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. So that’s it, all over for this visit to the Philippines and for a first timer I have to say it wasn’t the resounding success I’d hoped for. El Nido is nothing more than a launch point for those who like to spend time under water and on Island beaches. As any kind of a cultural experience, forget it – unless of course being surrounded by hundreds of boozy Westerners can be considered cultural then its win win!  As already highlighted in the last blog, Puerto Princes turned out actually be a good stay, that is apart from the food rationing going on at the moment. yes, it’s near impossible to persuade food vendors to dish up more than what amounts to about 3 mouthfuls of anything! But now its time to fly off to another country, Malaysia for a couple of days of culinary delights and a rest between flights.

Puerto’s airport is a small, cute little airport, just big enough to handle the 2 morning flights with Cebu, and then Air Asia about an hour later. All is going pretty well until the little man says “terminal fee”. 200 pesos to leave Palawan by air or face a lengthy boat ride to Manila of 29 hours. So, another tax to pay but at least getting into the country was free with just a 30 day passport stamp so its nothing to grumble about. Air Asia to Manila then, a 1 hour flight but no window seat sadly, yes, I’ve slipped up somewhere during the booking process! Next stop then, Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

here’s a few good bye photos. As you can see, airport security isn’t strictly enforced around here!




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