Philippines – El Nido to Puerto by RoRo Bus

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. I arrived by the Roro bus and now I’m leaving by the Roro bus. A schedule is pretty hard to come by in the town as they all have a vested interest in selling these minivan tickets. Personally I’d avoid the vans – cramped, expensive and fast, way too fast by all accounts as these drivers are well known for excess speeding, but popular with the Western tourists seemingly not keen on the local bus.10 am sounds like a good bet for a departure to Puerto Princesa – and indeed it is, a bus there waiting as I stroll into the bus station, just a 20 minute stomp from the town.. Opposite is a local market where one can grab some fruit and water, snacks and such like although the bus will stop several times en-route.

Another 380 pesos for the ride as the bus drives away only 1/2 full, and that’s how it stays in sharp contrast to the journey up when the bus was packed pretty much all the way. A pleasant journey with a stop at Taytay and then Roxas by the sea and one more stop about 1 1/2 hours from Puerto. Only 6 hours, far fewer pickups on the way down, as if the driver is keen to get somewhere tonight – quickly!

A local multicab awaits as do hundreds of three-wheeler drivers, mobbed as I get off the bus. From here at the San Jose bus terminal there’s only one way these guys are going and that’s downtown and as I’m booked into Colour Mansions again the multicab  is the option – a 26p ride, 20 minutes and plenty of fresh air. Multicabs are converted small vans with bench seats each side on a semi open back, unique to the Philippines perhaps although there is a similar version in Thailand. Its good to be out of El Nido and back in Puerto Princesa!

So here’s a few snaps along the way. The schedule for future reference!



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