Philippines – El Nido, The Tourist Town

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016.  A town that thousands of tourists flock to, a town barely able to cope with the relentless flow of traffic cramming into the small narrow streets and a town more about Western culture than Filipino warmth and hospitality. Independent travelers will stay a couple of days and move on while native tourists enjoy a weeks vacation at this premier Filipino seaside town. Personally, I don’t like the place but since its a 2 week stay I need to make the best of it  – over priced, over rated, Western overkill, definitely. A town without charm, without warmth and without character. Just to compare, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam all have seaside towns oozing with charm for 1/2 the price.

So, lets take a wander around the few streets that make up El Nido the Tourist town and tell me if you can see anything charming about this little seaside town.

There is just one aesthetically pleasing building in El Nido, the Town Hall. Here visitors will find an ATM in the lobby.




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