Philippines – El Nido, Beyond the Bay is a Lonely Beach

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016.  A hiking path of sorts leading North from Garden Bay towards the El Nido Airport. Its a walk on the wild side that’s for sure as this part of the coastline is exposed to the wide open ocean. A strong wind driving waves, crashing against the slate rocky outcrops. One thing is immediately noticeable – the absence of human life. No tourists, no locals and actually no nothing! The last shack was a couple of  miles back and so the only thing to share all this with is a few crabs scuttling around the rock-pools, the odd lizard scurrying past and a rather evil looking hornet!

I’d say this is the perfect getaway from El Nido town and all those tourists. One is inclined to strip naked and take a quick refreshing dip – No, not this time, maybe next. The beach isn’t perfection with seaweed, shrapnel and a little washed up garbage on the back edge, but for a sake of a short hike over some rocks, through a small jungle It’ll do for me.

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