Philippines – El Nido, Where to Sleep

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. Good news is El Nido is crammed full of accommodation, the bad news is its expensive by Southeast Asian standards. On-line research via booking sites will quickly reveal this place is not priced for the average budget tourist and  solo travelers are at a distinct disadvantage having to pay for two in most cases. Average starting price for a double room comes in at 1200 pesos, around £16.50 which is pretty steep for a solo traveler planning to hangout for a couple of weeks. The dorm room is an option I’m desperately trying to avoid – hot, sticky, bed bugs and fleas not to mention boozy inmates with nocturnal habits, yes, I’m through with all of that!

A long hard search and has a room, single bed with a cooling fan for 500 pesos including breakfast. Well, that’s clearly going to be the best deal on offer in El Nido – £8 per night with booking fees applied. And so welcome to Austria’s Place on Real Street, El Nido. For 500 pesos don’t expect too many home comforts here with just enough room to sleep and park ones backpack. There is a locker in the room and its a good idea to use it – big enough to keep those laptops and gadgets safely secured. So, after a few days of settling  in I can  vouch for this place. Its not the cheap option you’ll find in other parts of Asia but its as good as it can get in El Nido. Super friendly staff, especially in the restaurant who let me eat with them at night. The breakfast is good too, pretty substantial with 1 free egg, 2 thick pancakes, spoonfuls of fried rice and some fruit. With fresh coffee unlimited I was able to fill up nicely until around 2 pm.

So, if you’r set on coming to El Nido, then you wont find a better budget option than Austria’s Place, found on Google Map


In the restaurant, a comprehensive tourist food menu and a well stocked fridge of beer. I was pleased to share local food with the staff and drink water with them – and they were pleased that I did so. Note: Inmates should understand its not a party house!

And here’s a few more names for the research pot. Since I had a couple of weeks to kill I took the liberty of asking around a few places. There was just one that offered a single room accommodation – Mountainside on Rizal Street at 500 pesos.Google Map. Most accommodations can be found on Rizal street, the main road into town from the South and Real street, the main road in from the North.More can be found at Coron-Coron village and a few more along the town beach and further round the bay.




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