Philippines – El Nido, Paradise for Cheap

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. Paradise, well I think so but alcoholics might not agree! Its a spot I’ve stumbled upon while hiking North away from the town, following a dirt track around the bay and through a small jungle and a heap of garbage for about 20 minutes. A nice cool breeze here since the place is exposed more to the ocean. The beach is clean, no garbage on the back edge and a collection of hammocks swaying gently under coconut palms – empty. infact the whole place is empty, devoid of boozy tourists and not a bouncing boob in sight. This looks like a fine place to spend a while, all that,s missing is a radio playing BBC’s ‘Dessert Island disks’ as wavelets  gently lap at the shoreline. I’d say this is as close to paradise visitors can get to in El Nido without having to take an expensive boat ride everyday. So, everyday from now on I shall come here, pick out a hammock, listen to the ocean and watch the swaying palms, all the time keeping an eye out for falling coconuts and someone to collect the money!

In a week, no falling coconuts and I didn’t get asked for money. I’ve seen about 3 tourists, well behaved too. There is a shack with food served although its a rather pricey option  as one would expect being on a beach but the coffee is good, fresh brewed and less then a quid, British monetary slang. Oh and the place has Wifi which is good for about 15 minutes at a time. Yes, this is my kind of Paradise all right and when I nee food well I can just hike back to town where earlier I managed to find a local canteen of fine local food. The place is called Garden Bay, its run by a Filipino family who are happy to welcome any visitor to their resort. So, for the price of a coffee one can stay here all day, swim and even snorkel -yes they have the kit too. Google Map And they really don’t mind if all you want is a coffee.

On the way to paradise one can take a look back across the bay and see El Nido town nestled at the base of that big gray cliff.

Views from my paradise. Whats your idea of paradise?



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