Philippines – El Nido, A Beach Bums Life

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. Having arrived into El Nido and discovering the place is dominated by Western white tourists one needs to make plans to escape, if only for the day! Of course it won’t be easy to avoid the above mentioned since the place is so small, less then 2 square miles I’d estimate. Somehow I don’t think El Nido will be the culturally rewarding experience I hoped it might be. On the other hand I might find a path into some real Filipino culture.

A quick look at Google maps then (pre-loaded before arriving in El Nido) reveals a couple of beach options, yes that’s probably a good getaway for a few hours at least and within  a 30 minute hike from the town. South towards the village of Coron-Coron or North towards the airport? South seems a good option for today, not too far to stomp along the busy highway.

About 25 minutes and onto the beach via a dirt track off the highway, of which there are a few. This one leads into the beach bar area and a few restaurants. Its still early so the place is rather quiet, peaceful actually- good. Its a tourist beach as the evidence mounts up. Hiking further South with accommodation signs, signs for happy hours etc are all prominently on display. its another 10 minutes hiking and the scene really doesn’t change that much just a little less touristy..I’d say this place makes a good beach bums day out – booze, food and swimming all close to hand – for a hefty price. A bowl of chips comes in at a staggering £3. At least the coffee is a reasonable £1.20, fresh brewed too and with real milk too.

Its worth the hike though just to experience the scenery – and I don’t mean the floppy boobs! No, I mean just look out to sea and be amazed at how the seascapes and sky-scapes blend with the distant Islands to create one awesome view. Scramble up the cliffs to grab a birds eye view of it all, then wait for the golden hour as the sun starts to set.

Photos from Coron-Coron and here you can see the village where folk are living in relative poverty despite the high tourist prices for everything around here!


The Corong-Corong beach is in pretty good shape around the tourist areas, rocky further along and look out for sharp bits of shrapnel – corals, shells etc.



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