Philippines – Puerto Princesa, A Random Boat Ride

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. At worst case, I could end up stranded overnight. On the other hand I might find a secret tropical beach, palms and a cool breeze. Today its a random boar ride to destination unknown. These boats leave the fish port (Google Map) quite frequently as I observed when walking around here the other day. Packed with locals ferrying all manor of goods, so at best guess its a ferry service across the bay. The boat boy doesn’t speak English enough to answer any of my questions but thankfully a local informs me its a 45 minute ride, pointing across the bay towards the towering hills.

Everyone gets a life jacket, we’r even made to actually wear it as the coastguard watches over. Then a list is passed around that all passengers need to write their name, age and signature! A formality I haven’t seen in Southeast Asia before.

So, on a boat constructed of bamboo poles tied together with rope, but it feels sturdy enough as it gathers speed and heads across the bay for a 40 minute costing 35 pesos.

Mangingisda (Google Map), that’s the place I’ve arrived at. The good news is I won’t be stranded since the boat is going to wait here until 3.30 pm. That’s enough time for a little stomp around. In a nutshell then, its a village, rustic and sparsely populated.. I can’t actually define a centre as such but here is a primary school so I guess that could be classed as a focal point. The roads are of compacted stone, with the occasional tuk tuk speeding past throwing up dust. Yes, its a pretty rustic place but also its a good look at a significantly different way of life Filipino style.

And so that was a look at rustic village life. Worth the 45 minute boat ride from Puerto Princesa to get an insight into lives of those Filipinos less affluent. The place has no beach sadly, more of a fishing community. The ride back is an opportunity to get a look at Puerto Princesa from a new angle, especially as the afternoon sun highlights the coastal communities there. Boats are frequent: this one left at 1.30 pm and returned leaving the village at 3.30 pm.

Photo of the day, well it just has to be this one I think – what do you think? drop me a line, i like to get comments good or bad 🙂



One thought on “Philippines – Puerto Princesa, A Random Boat Ride

  1. We had to do the same with the names age etc on the boat from Caticlan to Boracay, with the amount of passengers it caused some grumpiness holding up the boats but they have it sorted now and you fill it out at a table on the way to board the boat.


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