Philippines – Puerto Princesa, Cathedral, School and World War 2

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. The city proper, that’s a term frequently used around here, i guess to differentiate the centre  from the suburbs. After a few days of stomping around the place its quite possible to identify 2 areas of interest – a historical area close to the passenger dock, and the market area close to the fishing dock further along the bay front.

So lets take a quick look at the history since the folks around here have gone to some effort to document 20th century events.Tourists can wander through a little garden where peace and tranquility reign while at the same time discover the horrors of World War 2 on Palawan.

Points to note: look out for falling mango’s and definitely no littering or spitting!

Download and expand the photos to read the text – an interesting insight into Puerto Pr.c’s recent past. The place is easy to find, located next to a Cathedral in downtown.Google Map.

The city has a cathedral, not a particularly grandeur structure in comparison to some in the United Kingdom, but still worth taking a look. Built only recently (1870) the building sits prominently on the city skyline and functions as  an important religious centre for the city’s devout religious followers as well as a tourist attraction.

Looking around the place and visitors will notice a distinct European look in the architecture. Well, the Spanish were occupying the place late 19th Century so its unsurprising thier legacy can be seen in buildings and indeed all the street names and place names have the Spanish treatment applied – names like Rizal, San Jose and of course Puerto Princesa.

The Cathedral is too large for a decent photo but here is a general view.Google Map.


Here are a few shots from a nearby school that was closed for the day, but I was able to gain access for a wander around. Here visitors can appreciate the populations religious followings with a youthful outlook!

And to finish, a few general photos of the area.


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