Philippines – Puerto Princesa,Stomper

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. My first outing is actually away from the city towards the coast line where I hope there might be a beach although nothing as such is indicated on Google Maps. Should be about 40 minutes, back towards the airport and then a little further on. Its hot, very humid but there is a breeze thankfully.Rizal Avenue and its busy – relentless amount of traffic all heading to the airport. Thousands of these 3 wheeler’s- Filipino tuk tuks all cramming for space.

A pleasant walk despite the heat (about 32c) with traffic levels subsiding once past the airport. The tree lined avenue with flaming red Banyan trees displaying all the glory of springtime blossom and kids climbing trees collecting nuts and fruit – yes its the fruiting season around here with mango’s in abundance.

The road ends here, at a collection of huts built on stilts with a plethora of boats floating in the shallow waters. its a mangrove, not a swamp as such but a line of tress blocking any access to the Pacific Ocean which actually looks to be several miles away anyway. There’s no beach, just what looks like the remains of a lava rock plateau inhabited by millions of Crabs. Yes’ and who’d think crabs can look attractive! well, these ones do. Blue, purple, pink infact all manor of colours make for an interesting hour watching them scurry into bolt holes as I walk around.

Here’s nature in action, plus a few other photos of the area. Google Map.





5 thoughts on “Philippines – Puerto Princesa,Stomper

  1. Thanks for posting something positive about Philippines! The international media can get carried away with sensational stuff that puts people off visiting. We need more writing and photos like these. Keep it up!


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