Philippines – Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa, Philippines, May 2016. After 4 hours flying from Kuala Lumpur to Manila then 1 hour from Manila to Puerto Princesa, well, its been a long day! so just a quick post tonight from a Philippine virgin.

Manila. Manila airport, well, I’d politely say its chaotic in an organised way! queues for the terminal transfers were a mile long for the paid bus. For the free bus that takes passengers for a ride around the airport, well, that took 90 minutes to arrive. Thankfully I had a few hours to kill but I bet a few people missed connections today!

Puerto Princesa. Full on tourist – the food is pricey, Coffee is weak and the American chains are here in force. Its pretty hard to get a coffee actually but the one place I knew should have some would be Mcdonalds, right – wrong! after queuing for 20 minutes, no coffee sir. Yes, even this place seems to be somewhat chaotic in an organised way.

So, tomorrow, in daylight I’ll try to seek out a corner of the city where the tourists don’t go – let me be the first!

So, in the meantime, and if this slow internet allows, here’s a view of Philippines from the air…




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