Thailand – Bangkok, The cost of 9 Days

Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016. Bangkok is always a good place to stay – vibrant, exciting and always something good to eat! A city that keeps me coming back, and back again. Here’s a rundown of the cost of a 9 day stay in Bangkok.

Being outside the tourist area the cost of living is actually petty good. Food is cheap and excellent value for money while groceries are reasonably priced – milk, tea bags similar to the UK. Breakfast, lunch and dinner always less than a pound each meal. Water was freely provided as part of the room cost as was toiletries.

  1. Accommodation, double bed apartment in Chatuchuk  9 nights £111
  2. Transport, Metro, Sky Train and buses across 9 days £6.20
  3. Food and drink, local eats, coffee from Seven Eleven across 9 days £30.60
  4. Groceries – tea bags, milk, bug spray and laundry powder £3.75
  5. Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok Don Muang Airport £27.37
  6. TOTAL 9 Days £178.92. Minus the flight cost then actual cost of living, £151.55 over 9 days, £16.83 per day.

    Balcony View from the Apartment



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