Thailand -Bangkok, Old City

Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016. The historical area of Bangkok is worth a look. Stretching from Khao San Road and the Democracy Monument towards the Chao Phraya River and extending south visitors will find a wealth of history to explore. The grandeur of the Palace, small streets lines with traditional shop houses and still used as such, many temples and religious buildings displaying splendid colours and not forgetting the centuries old riverside communities – all waiting to be explored. The place is busy, especially around the Grand Palace with Chinese, Korean and Japanese tour groups giving ticket touts a run for their money.

And when it gets too much visitors can retreat to the Thammasat University canteen and grab some lunch with the students – yes, eat cheap, drink cheap here at Thammasat, itself a historical attraction being the seat of discontent and revolution along the path to democracy. The place here has so much food choice that its quite bewildering at first. All good local food mostly with one booth taking on the western burger theme. I settled for a mild chicken curry, tasty and only 30 Baht (60p).

Easily accessible via bus 203, 503 or Chao Phraya Express Boat Tha Chang Pier. From Khao San Road its a 25 minute walk. Allow at least a few hours to see the main sights – Grand Palace, Temples etc. To explore every nook and cranny I’d set aside the whole day! On the other hand Tuk Tuk drivers will gladly take visitors on a whirlwind tour of the area – negotiate hard for at least 50% less than the original price! Google Map.

The streets outside Thammasat University, colourful and occupied with locals selling all manner of illegal items – illegal in Britain of course. Gun, animal skin and plenty of ivory products. When done with lunch in the University canteen, head underground to the library coffee shop and join students in a nice fresh coffee.

Quaint streets, art and tour groups…life in old Bangkok.


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