Thailand – Bangkok, Fusion with Nature

Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016. Probably the best city park anywhere in Southeast Asia. Situated in the Chatuchuk area, this park provides a true oasis in an urban jungle. I’ve visited several times and each time I see something different – plants, wild animals, insects. This is where city and nature come together without boundaries and co-exist happily, if only for a few hours under the palms.

Easily accessible via the Mo Chit BTS station, Chatuchuk Metro station or a host of buses including numbers 3,  510, 29, 134 and 503. Its quite a vast area so visitors should allow at least 3 hours to walk the entire area beginning from beside the Metro station. There are some pretty big monitor lizards here so be careful and never get too close – even if they look dead they’r not! Chatuchuk is also home to a famous weekend market, another vast area that’ll take hours to explore. I’m not going there this trip since I was there a while back, but believe me its worth  exploring.  Google Map.

The Bangkok Butterfly House is situated here in Chatuchuk park but don’t expect to see many exotic butterflies. On my visit here a few days ago I spotted about 10 of the insects across 2 species, so the place may disappoint some visitors. The good news though  is that its a free entry attraction!

So here is how the city and nature are co-existing in Bangkok. Rather randomly there is an old steam train, clearly unloved gathering leaves right on the northern edge of the park. I don’t know the history around here but it looks like this train ran out of steam right there and then, some 50 or so years ago.

Warning: Don’t chase or touch the lizards  – it’ll be a regretful decision!


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