Thailand – Bangkok, City Views for less than a Dollar

Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016. Visitors on a tight budget likely won’t be staying on the 45th floor of the Hilton or dining in a sky-bar downtown Bangkok, where city sky-line views can come at a hefty price. Here are a couple of exciting alternatives that wont dent the budget and provide some pretty nice views of the city – for under a Dollar!

1. Boat Ride the Bangkok River. The Chao Phraya River flows north to south through the middle of Bangkok and is a hub of transportation as river buses, water taxis, ferries, tourist boats and cargo barges continuously sailing the length and breadth of the waterway –  the place can look pretty hectic at times. For just 15 Baht visitors can ride a water taxi pretty much the length of the city and at the same time experience some rather nice skyline views.

Here’s how I took the local water taxi boat south to north and took in some awesome scenery. The most accessible pier is outside the Saphan Taksin Sky Train Station, Sathorn Pier. The first and most prominent ticket counter is selling tickets for the tourist boat (blue flag) at 40 Baht. Bypass this and join the queue behind it. That’s a queue for the local water taxi called the Chao Phraya Express, and soon someone will collect the 15 Baht and issue a ticket. Wait for the next boat with an orange flag and enjoy the ride along Bangkok’s famous Chao Phraya river. I’d recommend getting off in the historical district at Tha Tien or Tha Chang pier and explore the Grand Palace, Thammasat University and some quaint streets.

2. Ride the Sky Train. Riding the famous Bangkok Sky Train is an exciting way to get a more personalised view of Bangkok as the lines meander right through the hart of downtown. Buy the cheapest ticket, there appears no time limit, and ride around for a few hours getting off at various stations for that elevated view of the city. Don’t forget to end the journey at a station appropriate to the ticket price or there could be trouble! But its a fun way to grab a few photos of Bangkok – i’d recommend avoiding rush hour though! I paid 42 Baht since I needed to alight at Mo Chit. I then spent a good couple of hours riding around, taking a look at Bangkok hassle free.


More photos of the river ride and Sky Train journey are coming up on the next blog post.


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