Thailand – Spare week, Cheap Flight, Its Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016. I’ve visited Bangkok several times since I started travelling in 2011. This time though I am staying in a neighborhood called Chatuchak in the city’s Northern suburbs. Famous in Bangkok for being the location of a giant weekend market and for having a pretty decent city park to relax in. The place is also well connected to the city via Sky Train and Metro.So, when a spare week coincides with an ultra cheap flight to a city that wows, its just go to be Bangkok.

A room with a view this time.A balcony looks across towards the city skyline. The apartment block is pretty smart, new and with all the modern lifestyle conveniences one looks forward to when back home. The neighborhood is pretty quiet, nothing like the backpacker area of Khao San Road but this visit  isn’t all about the hectic boozy scene, no, I’m intending to take things easy for the next week, relax and catch up on some blogging.

So, after that short flight from Kuala Lumpur and a very short bus ride from the airport, time to freshen up and grab some of that exquisitely delicious Thai cuisine – I just hope places are still open this late at night in a quiet neighborhood like this! Yes, luckily there are some places willing to take last orders – a rather tasty fried pork and rice dish, a good plateful and only 45B, about 90p. Yep, thats one very good reason to spend  a spare week in Bangkok – good cheap food!



I like coffee more than I like beer so tomorrow, in dayight and with a clear head we’ll go and take a look at the city.


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