Taiwan – The Cost

Taiwan, April, 2016. Here I’ll take a breakdown of the costs for a 3 week stay in Taiwan including the cost of getting there.Exchange rate averages T$45 to £1

So, starting with Taipei, the accommodation wasn’t smart but budget style and adequate with all that a budget backpacker needs. Purchasing an Easycard for travelling on public transport is the most cost effective way of getting around the city and to the suburbs. Food, well I tried to eat simple – common everyday Taiwanese food, no western gunk. Coffee, well that’s remarkably good value for money in Taipei.

Taipei: Flight from Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia X = 441 MYR = £77.59.                                                        Single Room via Air BnB  10 nights                                  =£105.00                                                          Daily food and drink cost averaging  T$ 245 x 11            = £59.88                                                          Transport Metro and Bus Via Easycard                             = £20.00

 TOTAL     =£262.47

Next, Hualien on the east coast. The room was a double and in pretty good shape, just like a hotel room actually. I paid more but it was still the cheapest option avoiding dorm rooms. Food, well its tastier than in Taipei and excellent value for money too where its more about the locals tastes than it is about tourists. Getting around well there are a few buses but I got by with a push bike provided by the room host, since the place is pretty small its no problem to explore this way.

Hualien: Bus and train combo ticket from Taipei                       =£4.64                                                                  Accommodation Via Air BnB 5 nights                          =£60.00                                                                Daily food and drink  T$155 x 6                                       =£20.66                                                                Transport 0                                                                           =£0                                                                        Groceries – water, tea bags, milk                                  =£5.55

  TOTAL       =£90.85

Finally Kaohsuing. Somehow I ended up in a dorm room but actually it wasn’t that bad after the snorer moved out. Food, well, once again like Hualien its good value for money and tasty.

Kaohsuing: Train ticket from Hualien                                            =£15.66                                                                     Accommodation Via Air BnB 6 nights                     =£30.00                                                                     Daily food and drink T$245 x 7                                  =£38.11                                                                       Transport Metro                                                             =£5.25

TOTAL       =£89.02

Total 3 weeks in Taiwan comes out at £442.32. Discount the flight cost then actual living costs equate to £364.75. 

And that rounds off a trip to Taiwan. I’d say spend less time in Taipei and more time in Kaohsuing where the sun shines and the people smile.




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