Taiwan – Kaohsuing, The Party’s Over

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. Kaohsuing, the city of surprise has been that and more! A modern redevelopment but look closely and visitors will find a surprising amount of Taiwanese history and culture, and its not all confined to museums as anyone following my Kaohsuing jottings will have discovered. A city of colour, culture and flavours, old and new, past and present. When it comes to food, well there is just simply no question about it – Kaohsuing is tops in value for money when it comes to local eats. Sure there is tourist food everywhere, and processed meats on a skewer at the night markets but its the local cafes and informal pavement carts that one finds the tastiest food in Kaohsuing.

So, to finish up Kaohsuing, a photographic summary of colour and culture, new and old! I have no hesitation in recommending a trip to Kaohsuing – infact I’d say skip Taipei and spend more time in the south where the sun shines.

Next, a look at what it costs for a 3 week trip to Taiwan….


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