Taiwan – Kaohsuing, The Love River

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. Love River, mentioned in a few on-line articles as a spot worthy of a visit and its on the way to Gushan. About a 30 minute stomp from Central Park and indeed the place looks like the perfect hang out for lovebirds! Cross the busy bridge to find a tree lined riverside walk as cooling sea breeze blows through from the harbour. Opposite, the city skyline gleams in the bright afternoon sunshine, those skyscrapers taking on a new perspective from this part of town. Its, quiet, peaceful on a Wednesday afternoon but I suspect this place is a little busier at dusk! For now though, just a few old-timers sitting out of the heat, sleeping or just observing life on the river – which actually only consists of 3 tourist boats!

These photos snapped while wandering along the Love River…



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