Taiwan – Kaohsuing, Takao Railway

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. Historical preservation isn’t something I’ve seen much of in Taiwan with any evidence of the past swept away with the tide of modern development. However, this afternoon I seem to have stumbled upon an old railway station with numerous tracks still in place but clearly in a disused state, looking in a reasonable condition. An old control box, somewhat falling into disrepair sadly sits here beside the tracks which given the number of them this place must have been the cities old main station.

Further on, the old station is now a small museum – the Takao Railway. The days of steam train travel are preserved here with a couple of well maintained engines and the old platform today serves as a kindergarten of sorts with pre-school kids running amok. Its also a kind of cultural park over by the old cargo sheds there. Statues and creativity with old cargo containers providing some interest, along with thousands of Chinese tourists. A pleasant hour here soaking up the recent past and a nice spot for a cool down in the air conditioned museum building.

And now there’s no time to go to Qijin Island today, having had my attention diverted by the Love River and now this Railway preservation area. So, lets go and eat at my all time favorite eating spot in Kaohsuing, a canteen right outside exit 1 of the Siziwhan MRT. Good, cheap local food!



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