Taiwan – Kaohsuing, Dome of Light

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. Formosa Boulevard Metro, unassuming and just like any other station from the outside. Hire bikes lined up outside, taxi’s touting for business at the entrance and of course folk coming and going about their everyday business. There is a difference here though as I stomp through the long passage towards the ticket machine. A faint but delicate piano tune, someones playing Beethoven down here – some eloquent busking going on!

A small crowd gathered beside the piano listening intently to the classical rendition and under what I can only describe is a giant skylight colourfully decorated in an abstract artisan display. The Dome of Light is the official name for this place – and I thought it was called Formosa Boulevard Metro! Actually, its one of the same – passengers heading for their trains will pass under this dome of light which is a pretty awesome structure.

I’d say this is definitely the coolest Metro station in all of Taiwan and I go as far to say its probably the most inventive Metro in the world! Unless you know different, so drop me a comment and let me know where it is! Google Map.




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