Taiwan – Kaohsuing, Neiweipi Cultural Park

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. Today’s expedition, to go and hike around in the hills situated to the West. Accessible by taking the Metro to Aozihdi and stomping through a few neighborhoods until one reaches a trail path of which there are many, so I am informed.

Just a short ride to Aozihdi, probably could of hiked to there also, but a good idea to conserve some energy since its quite a hot day. So, with the help of google maps its a stomp through what looks like a redeveloped neighborhood with plenty of those apartment blocks filling up the skyline – quite smart actually, I’d say this is an upper class neighborhood. A nicely manicured city park, well kept and well used by the locals it seems. Yes, a smart coffee shop, some restaurants and a cafe constructed from cargo containers! The street lined with bonsai trees and school kids having exercise class.

Now I could take a short cut through another park or meander around it to find that trail, next to a Seven-Eleven store supposedly. I don’t mind cutting through this park, it looks pretty interesting, kind of wild with tracks forking off here and there. Something unusual floating in the sky, something pretty odd – a kite with long stretching tentacles, reaching out to the universe – and that’s as philosophical as this blog gets! Infact two kites now, both strikingly mystical gracing the sky. A quick hike over there to take a closer look.

Those kites are quite awesome and actually this parks looks pretty awesome too. Wild, natural with tracks and jungle paths, even a swamp. This is worth exploring for a while.

A cultural park according to the sign, well, I suppose one can see old-timers taking life easy under the trees! More of a nature trail I’d say and a pretty good one too. Nature photographers can find exotic birds here along with a few cool spiders and the worlds hairiest caterpillar. Overall, this city park is probably everything I wanted to see from a nature perspective although somewhat disappointed I didn’t spot a snake. And no time left for that planned hike in the hills, oh well, another time perhaps. Google Map.


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