Taiwan – Kaohsuing, The Local Flavour

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. It’s like a voyage of discovery – stomping around looking for some local flavour among the tourist orientated Central Park area. Nanhua tourist night market says the street sign, but its 8 AM the the place is thriving with locals cramming into the morning market here. Despite the rise of giant supermarkets these Asian street markets are  always bustling, vibrant and colourful offering the best place to see how the local population conduct their business using what is after-all a centuries old format!

Wandering through the street then and one can’t but notice the smells – good old fashioned meat and fish odors wafting through the air. Fragrant soups boiling furiously and some very odd items for sale. Well, odd for us Westerners anyway. Its well know that various internal and external animal organs are consumed with passion around here!

Some of the items seen here of quite obvious in what they are, but others, well, just hazard a guess. Asking the stallholders isn’t any good because they don’t speak  English! Also, the morning market here is a good place to grab a local breakfast – pork rice, fried egg and soup for T$50, about £1.10. A good portion and pretty tasty, just how I like it. This is what I didn’t see in Taipei. Nanhua Rd Morning Market Google Map:



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