Taiwan – Kaohsuing, City of Surprise

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. Taiwan’s industrial power house and the country’s major port, all the ingredients that could make for a dull and uninteresting place. I’m really here just to kill some time since my flight back to Kuala Lumpur leaves from here in a few days and not Taipei.

Central Park, that’s where I’m staying for the next few days in a place booked via Airbnb once again. Just 1 stop further from Kaohsuing Main Station on the Metro, pretty easy to get around this place, only 2 lines!.

Kaohsuing first impressions – its smart, looks pretty new around here, isn’t plagued with thousands of people and miles of traffic queues. Yes, quite a surprise actually and not what I was expecting. The sky is blue and the climate is distinctly warmer, less humidity on this April afternoon.

Here’s an initial look at the city skyline and its clear that the place takes on quite a different character from Taipei. These photos taken from the roof of the building I am staying in and the panoramic views from here are just awesome. Yes, a city of surprise – not the dull industrial outlook I had been expecting but a modern, vibrant and exciting place waiting to be explored.


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