Taiwan – Kaohsuing, A Carnival

Kaohsuing, Taiwan, April 2016. Qijin Island, a narrow strip of land between the docks and the pacific ocean. Visiting this place is on the list of top ten things to do in  Kaohsuing and today I will do it. Its quite a small distance from here, Central Park to the ferry at  Gushan. I’d say about a 40 minute hike. I could take a Metro ride there but its a nice day and of course I can see the sights along the way.

Google maps is a good tool to have and its easy to navigate my way around the city using the handy GPS feature. So, stomping towards Gushan then keeping an eye out for some local lunch – a row of show houses in a side street will no doubt provide delicious local food. Plenty of architecture to admire around here – modern and innovative and I dare say very pricey. For those that like to view structures with style then Kaohsuing won’t disappoint. Skyscrapers with awesomeness somehow makes one accept the modern face of Taiwan.

A carnival is lined up on the road alongside a river – the ‘Love River’ according to google map. Inching their over the bridge the procession of costumes and banging of drums is quite a spectacle. Some scary characters, some friendly ones too and they’t heading in the same direction, towards the Gushan ferry. Yes, a noisy but colorful hour watching these locals show off their skills – and then loud explosions just around the corner. Crackers, and big ones too are exploding along the street just ahead of the procession. The whole place is smoked out for a while and if I had taken the Metro, well, I would have missed all of this amazing culture.


Next stop Qijin Island.


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