Taiwan – Hualien to Kaohsuing

Hualien, Taiwan, April 2016.  Moving on to Kaohsuing, Taiwan’s second city situated on the southwestern coast and is the countries main port. Quite a small station for what is a holiday hot spot town. Hundreds of Chinese tour groups milling about looking lost. Thankfully they’r headed north to Taipei so a ticket south to Kaohsuing isn’t a problem on the 12.15 train, £15 for the 5 hour trip.

Noodle soup from a cafe nearby and coffee from the Seven-Eleven and all set for the 5 hour journey – unfortunately I only get a seat for the first half of it. That’s the downside to getting an intercity ticket on the day here in Taiwan.

I make the most of my seat in the knowledge that at some point I will have to stand. What should be a scenic mountain view is once again shrouded in low cloud with mist and drizzle so  now is a good time to grab a nap before reaching Tainan, the point at where I don’t have a seat!

Actually, standing for the rest of the journey isn’t so bad. The weather breaks into sunshine al last so there’s some pretty nice scenery to enjoy, along with a few others in the same situation – all part of the adventure. Nonetheless, its quite a relief as the train rolls into Kaohsuing (cow Shung) 5.15 PM.


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