Taiwan – Hualien, When it Rains

Hualien, Taiwan, April 2016. Over the 5 days here its rained on 4 of them.Not all the time but most of it. The surrounding scenery is always obscured in mist and low clouds which is a shame because a ride up to Taroko Gorge  was one of the reasons for coming to Hualien. Its about £5.50 for a bus trip there and back but there seems little point if all the scenery is shrouded in mist and rain.

So, when it rains – well there’s an old brewery turned into an arty crafty centre and I’ve spotted a couple of museums. The old brewery actually is worth a look, some European looking architecture can be seen about the place. As the drizzle urns to steady rain then a quick wander inside to see how expensive this arty stuff is going to be – suffice to say, not in my price range!. I’ll skip the museums, its not something i’m particularly interested in, especially if there’s an entry fee.

So, when it rains – visit a funky coffee shop. The Taiwanese do like a good coffee, so do I and so a wet day is an ideal time join the locals and have coffee.

So, when it rains – put on a plastic disposable mac and ride around the city absorbing the vibe. yes, even in the rain this city has a warming vibe.

So, to finish up this short visit here’s a look at that ‘Old Brewery Factory’ on a gray and damp afternoon.

When the clouds break for a while then one can glimpse a little bit of scenery.

And finally a look at the city’s southern coastline just before rain sets in.Then its a ride back into the city for more of the Hualien city vibe.

Next stop is the Southern city of Kaohsuing (cow shung)





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