Taiwan – Hualien, When The Sun Shines

Hualien, Taiwan, April, 2016.When the sun shines over Hualien its a cause for celebration. There’s a whole new perspective across the city today, a sparkle that uplifts the soul. When that happens, well I just have to get on the cycle and ride until I can’t ride anymore.

Fraylin, my Airbnb host has kindly provided me with a cycle, not some broken down wreck but a pretty good mountain bike with plenty of gears! And while the sun shines, so does the bike and we’ll head in the direction of the beach, keeping an eye out for breakfast en-route.

Turning left on 2 wheels is a precarious business around here – first veer right into a waiting box, and that road you wanted to turn left into is now straight ahead. When the light is green, go like the wind!

The beach actually lies next to Hualien airbase which I quite like – planes provide something else to look at, and air force jets especially can be exciting as a good view across the airfield can be gained from a viewing platform next to the cliffs. Look the other way and there is the Pacific Ocean in various shades of blue. And look in another direction to see the mountains towering above. Yes, a very scenic spot just 30 minutes bike ride from the city. The area is undeveloped, quiet on the whole with a couple of rundown looking hotels and a backpackers lodge. Yes, it pretty quiet around here and it looks like finding lunch might be a struggle.

The beach, well its not going to win any awards that’s for sure. A volcanic beach with black sand and boulders with plenty of garbage littering the fringes. But at least its a beach the those tones of Pacific Ocean blue are quite mesmerizing. Here’s a few photos. Oh and apparently the place is a decent surfing spot.




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