Taiwan – Hualien, Good Food, Good Coffee

Hualien, Taiwan, April 2016. if I’m sticking around a while in a city then I surely will be sniffing out the best food, the best coffee at the cheapest prices, or as close to cheap I can get. That means I will be eating the local food at local places with local people – tourist food I will avoid, no question. Here in Hualien I have established a food trail that takes in some pretty amazing local cuisine and some pretty good coffee. I’ll try to arrange my days so that I can navigate towards Mamma’s home cooking stand and Louisa’s coffee at lunchtime. Evening time, well, its just an adventure in food at one place, a place on the high street, a place with no name – well no English name anyway.The main point to all of this though is that the food here in Hualien is infinitely better that anything I consumed in Taipei.

Breakfast, well thats a pretty random affair and depends on how far I want to ride. In general terms I’ll stop at the first counter selling fried egg pancakes.

Lunch, well, I’ll try to make it to what I call ‘Mamma’s home cooked food stand’ because these random obscure spots just don’t have a name. However, her thick full bodied noodle soup is pretty tasty and only T$35 for a large bowl. And because I’m handsome, Mamma throws in some bonus food, no extra charge! It really is the best food at the cheapest price.


And for dinner, well I just have to make a point of coming to this place every night. All kinds of fish, meat and various vegetables – all good local food that visitors from Europe will recognize. There is so much choice here that one not need suffer the consuming of pigs testicles. Chicken rice and a vegetable plus soup is only T$40. Tip: Check to see whats in the soup first!

Coffee, I like coffee more than I like beer so its no surprise that a good coffee shop will be on my food trail. Louisa’s, an independent coffee, cake and sandwich shop. Its just a few places from Mamma’s home cooking – quite conveniently.


The Food Trail. The Dinner Canteen, its the only one on that road, on the left hand side coming down from the North. On Google Map its just about where the bus stop is. Louisa’s Coffee is directly opposite an old brewery factory and mamma’s home cooking is a few places further on – do check them out, you won’t be disappointed. Google Map..


And on the subject of food here’s a gallery of the food I consumed – and survived. No food sickness, no diarrhoea and no problems.

So there you have it. Good, cheap local food. No American food chains, no Western gunk , no tourist food and no dodgy looking body parts either! Just honest food.


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