Taiwan -Hualien, City of Charm

Hualien, Taiwan, April 2016. Its raining here in Hualien, however ones spirits can not be dampened by the drab weather since this place clearly oozes charm and character. Hualien is a much smaller city than Taipei with even more geological constraints restricting urban sprawl. Yes, stomping around here and its already a city I’m getting some passion for..

Its a tourist hot spot supposedly but actually there’s hardly anyone around – nothing like the madness and mayhem of Taipei. Traffic is light and its even possible to cross the street without being afraid of getting run down!

Trying to find some breakfast is proving harder than I thought. Not every street is covered in eateries and its quite a few minutes before I spot something remotely appetizing, on a little back street, part of someones house with their front room decorated ornately in reds and gold with a statue locked behind a glass cabinet – well, this is about as local as a local breakfast can get. Pancakes with a fried egg, chopped into east bit pieces that can be picked up with chop sticks. Tasty enough and only £1.10 for 2.

Dull, overcast in light drizzle – a typical weather pattern from what I’ve read on-line, but its not going to prevent a little tour round the area and really get to grips with the place.

Hualien…A city of charm with some quaintness and the odd bit of quirkiness for good measure.



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