Taiwan – Introducing Hualien

Hualien,Taiwan, April 2016. 62-5 Jinfeng Street is just a 15 minutes stomp from the train station according to Fraylin, my Airbnb host for the next 5 nights. at £12 per night Its the cheapest non-dorm room I could find anywhere on the internet. Finding the place is a breeze with the help Google maps.

The 15 minute stomp also gives me the opportunity to form an impression of Hualien – its an impression that I’m liking very much. Yes, the place has a very different feel. Significantly less traffic and the streets have  charm to them, even people are smiling – yes they have emotion in this city. I’ve only been here 10 minutes and already I can see this city does have a soul.

The room is good, well actually I’d have to class it as hotel quality. Flat screen HD TV, air-con, bathroom included and even a kettle. Oh, and toiletries are supplied which is handy since they can cost a small fortune in this country! So, living in the lap of luxury for the next 5 nights, I can see myself getting a little lazy!

Next, I’ll go and explore Hualien, looking for the cheapest eats and the best coffee….


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