Taiwan -The Capital City, Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan, April 2016.

Ximending, an older district that’s popular with local trendies and Chinese mainlanders, especially weekends when the crowds can make getting around a little fraught. Shops, mainly contained around the metro area but just explore some quieter streets to find that Ximending is not always just about shopping. Here in this gallery, there is evidence of Taipei past, perhaps the 2nd generation of redevelopment. 2 or 3 historic buildings are preserved as museums and of course there’s always a Temple just around the corner, here in Taipei City.

Taipei is absolutely full of blocks – gray residential tenement buildings filling up the skyline. Its of course characteristic of a nation constrained by geological and geographical factors, to have to build upwards but this is just so uninspiring architecturally. Here in this gallery, a suburban view of Taipei.


And lastly, the business district where one will find smart and pricey restaurants with equally smart and pricey coffee shops.Even here though there is not really any inspiring architecture that say’s wow!


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