Taiwan – Taipei Observations and Obsessions

Taipei, Taiwan, April 2016. ‘Smooth White Skin’ males and females, that’s just on obsession I’ve noticed. Seems that most folk around here are prepared to pay a handsome price to attain the skin of their Northern hemispheric cousins. Every which way one looks, billboard ads for white skin products and cosmetic surgery too!

Studying, and by all age groups. In coffee shops, they are to be seen diligently studying notes and textbooks as though there were no tomorrow. Its either an obsession or a national past-time.

Kids – there are none. Well, that’s the impression a casual visitor might observe. And on a closer look there’s actually no community to speak of either. There are of course kids, just not to be seen.Like their European cousins they are all kept inside playing on video game consoles and studying homework, so I am told.

They’r afraid to cross the road – even when there’s no traffic. Yes, pedestrians will wait for the green light even when there’s a break in the traffic flow.

A robotic mentality – from the girl serving coffee pre-programmed and without emotion to the guards underground at Metro stations, to waiting passengers standing in perfect order behind queuing lines for train.

Taiwanese people are obsessed with everything American it seems. Yellow cabs everywhere with grid street patterns and all the fast food chains one can imagine. Motorways are called ‘Freeways’ and pavements are called ‘Sidewalks’. English teachers are American!

Just a few observations from Taiwan’s Capital City, Taipei.



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