Taiwan -sleeping in Taipei, Air BnB Style

Taipei, Taiwan, April 2016. Taipei is expensive when it comes to accommodation. Thanks to its geographical constraints and an influx of Chinese package tourists options for cheap sleeps are few, especially for solo DIY travelers like me. A long hard search on the internet is pretty fruitless when it comes to finding a single bed room, even a single room at any price let alone a cheap one! No, its not like Bangkok, Cambodia or even Vietnam. Looks like the only affordable options in Taipei are dormitory beds and I just don’t like dorms! But there just might be another avenue to explore, one I haven’t considered before now – Air Bnb. Its a website that links spare rooms or living space with people looking for a place to stay. A quick and easy sign up process and I can start searching right away. And its not long before a single room appears on the listings, located in downtown Taipei and only £10 per night.

Ximending is the district, quite a lively place – plenty of brightly coloured lights to mask the somewhat drab architecture. It looks to be the place to be for those with a fashionable lifestyle, the trendies are out and to be seen around here. The place I have is down a lane and in a residential block – nice and quiet. The room is OK, nothing special but adequate for what I need. Taipei £10 would just about get a bed in a dorm!

Why I don’t like dormitory beds: Based on experience, inmates staying in a dorm tend to be of a nocturnal nature – a nights sleep punctuated with slamming of doors! Dorm rooms are hot in Asia, even with air-con. There’s always at least 1 inmate that’ll snore through the night – even ear plugs cant block out snoring. Security of ones goods is a major concern as often there just isn’t any – dodgy especially in places like India. So, I’ll try and avoid dorms where ever possible. 

So, there it is,  Air BnB first timer, lets hope the host doesn’t try and cheat me out of the deposit! Top Tip:If booking via BNB read the descriptions and house rules carefully before you pay. Your so called room may end up a mattress on the floor and sharing it with someone else!





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