Taiwan – Betiou Hot Springs

Taipei, Taiwan, April 2016. Thermal activity,  right on the edge of town but don’t come here expecting to see a hot spring or a bubbling mud pool. Instead visitors will see a gentle stream of water along the edge of a nicely kept park. No, if there were any hot springs then they have been built on and claimed by rather large, expensive hotels! Yes, its quite a frenzy of competition when it comes to offering hot spring spa’s and pampering around here as Mercedes and Bentley cars are observed clogging up the narrow streets.

The closest to seeing thermal activity is to watch steam rising from the drains or see a swirl of steam coming off a pool of water along the stream course. Nonetheless it is a little bit of nature, easy to get to and for the price of a ride on the MRT. Those who are really keen to take a dip in hot spring water can do so in a public building for free and those with cash to splash can hike up to any hotel and get the experience there.

The easiest way to Betiou Thermal Valley is via the MRT red line, changing at Betiou to the ‘Pink Line’ getting off at the last stop, Xinbetiou. Its about T$35 from Ximen with an Easy Card and takes about 30 minutes – another great city escape!

here’s a few photo’s to get a flavour of the area. At Xinbetiou leave the station and just follow the signs, its that easy! Google Map:


As usual in Taipei the weather is overcast and dull so any hope of a good panoramic view can be dismissed. So, instead head back into Betiou following the stream of hot spring water, even grab a burger at MacDonalds!