Taiwan – Jioufen Town

Joiufen, Taipei, Taiwan, April 2016. Having made it to the hillside town of Jioufen and shuffled along the old street with thousands of mainland Chinese tourists its time to make my escape and find something that has a little more authenticity.

head up, thats the way to go I’d say, and noticing how the tourists are fully engaged with the culinary delights and shopping below I’m left to wander the quaint little streets and explore the more tranquil parts of this rather nice little town.

Streets, alleys, little houses and colonial architecture from the Japanese era are situated prominently above along with the obligatory temple.

Yes, a nice wander around the town above and surprisingly not a single tourist has ventured away from the commercialism to look at some authenticity – which is quite nice as the peace and calm are maintained and I doubt residents around here will appreciate thousands of tourists shattering the peace. Now though its time to head back to Taipei via Ruifang Station.

And before I leave lets take a look at that panoramic scenery. Despite a nice sunny day there is still that persistent haze that seems to be a permanent feature of Taiwan.


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