Taiwan – Jioufen, How to

Jioufen, Taipei, Taiwan, April 2016. About an hour from Taipei City, Jioufen makes an ieal day trip to a place filled with charm and old time authenticity. Here’s how to get there the cheapest way, without hiking! The  route to take is Taipei Rail Station – Ruifang – Jioufen.

  1. Make way to the Taipei Main Station (Google Map) and follow the signs to TRA, thats the train station. Approach the ticket counter and buy a single trip ticket to Ruifang Station. Prices are T$44 and T$66. Ask for T$44 then jump on the next train. Be sure to ask which platform and directions to it as it can all get a little complicated.
  2. Jump on the next train – it may not be the right train for the ticket but they don’t mind as long as you can stand if the seats fill up. Its only a 35 minute ride.
  3. At Raifung Station walk down to the main high street and turn left. About 200 meters on the right is a bus stop, easily spotted (Google Map). From there pick up bus 1061 or 788 both of which stop in Joiufen, a 15-20 minute ride and costs T$15 with an Easycard or T$20 cash.
  4. Return the same way or there is a bus directly back to Taipei. Information is published at the bus stop in Jioufen (Google Map).

3 thoughts on “Taiwan – Jioufen, How to

  1. Excellent articles and fantastic pics. We enjoyed reading all of your Taiwan posts & adventures. A lot of your articles brought back some fond memories when we spent a week in Taipei in early 2015 from our home base in Kyoto, Japan and took a few out of town day trips. Thanks.
    Mike & Virginia


    1. Hello Michael and Virginia, nice to hear from you again. Was Taipei the place you imagined it would be before you arrived, how did you feel about Taiwan in general? Next stop Bangkok for me – again!


      1. Yes, Taipei met all of our expectations, especially the cuisine and easy public transportation to get around the city. We love Taiwan – – not enough time but our short adventure was wonderful.
        M & G
        NYC USA

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