Taiwan – Taipei Zhongqiang Park

Taipei, Taiwan, April 2016. Parks are dotted all around the city. Open spaces primarily functioning as exercise grounds where Taiwanese old timers can be seen making those gentle swaying motions or slow motion martial arts movements.This park however is a little different. Being situated at the base of Elephant mountain, Zhongqiang Park is worthy of a look and should be on that list of things to do in Taipei –  and here;s why.

Its as though the city planners have forgotten to level the line of little houses right on the edge of this park and so visitors can at least see a tiny bit of charm that this city so desperately lacks.Its hard to imagine now, but little house like these would have been sitting on the fringes of commercial Taipei, not that long ago either.

Zhongqiang (jonquang) is just a little further on from Taipei 101, a 10 minute stomp or a 3 minute ride on the Metro. I stumbled upon the park while looking for the start of the Elephant Mountain hiking trail. Google Map:

Zhongqiang Park – a little bit of charm.



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