Taiwan – The Maokong Gondola

Taipei City, Taiwan, April 2016. Three days of National holiday, today, tomorrow and Monday. Not surprising then that the metro is packed to the rafters and who am I to not join in the fun. Its all moving like a well oiled  machine, even though most of the locals are concentrating on their Facebook and social media accounts. There’s a sense of robotic efficiency – without emotion and everyone knows their place in the queue with guards deployed to watch it all closely.

Today, a trip to the much publicized Maokong Gondola. Its on all the lists of things to to in Taipei and apparently the 20 minute ride can be a life changing experience – just kidding. Seriously though, all the publicity points towards one having a very rewarding experience riding around the hills above Taipei, so lets go and check it out.

The gondola station is right next to the zoo and on a public holiday that equates to crowds. Yes, its crowded all right – a queue I’d say about 2 hours long since the gondolas are good for about 6 passengers a time! Its a queue that’s growing too, no I don’t think so, not today anyway and so I formally abandon the Maokong Gondola ride. Well since I’m here on the edge of town next to the hills and jungle, lets go and try to spot a snake!

Here, a walk along the edge of town where open space prevails, before stumbling on the highway that’s pretty much going in the same direction as the gondola ride. Quite a few buses up and down the route, plenty of options then if one feels lazy later.




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