Taiwan – Taipei, A First Impression

Taoyuan, Taipei, Taiwan, March 2016. The height of luxury, that’s how I’d describe this bus. Smart, modern and with comfortable reclining seats its like being back on the plane – there’s even a TV screen right at the front. All that’s missing is a stewardess!

Outside, well its clearly not the height of luxury around here as the bus navigates local streets. Like the airport it’s gray blocks all around. Dull, dreary and characterless, another way of saying rundown, but to be fair they are trying to cover that up with plenty of flashing LED and various other forms of bright lights. Its no good though – within 5 minutes of leaving the airport I can see this place isn’t of the character I thought it might have been – that is to say in a similar vein to  Chinese Malay areas on Penang, in Kuala Lumpur or even Kallang on Singapore. No, the Taiwanese are different to that and at the moment its not a very pretty sight in the mist and gloom that’s descending upon the city. Perhaps when the sun shines it’ll all look somewhat different, perhaps a bit more palatable, but right now, Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh is smarter than this place.




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