Kuala Lumpur – In Transit, Brickfields

Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 2016. Flying in to the Air Asia main hub at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Phnom Penh and changing planes for a trip up to Taiwan. Trouble is the Taipei flight isn’t until the next day so I need some where to sleep – and it’s not going to be in the airport!

When I’m in transit I’ll stay at either Tune hotel downtown or bunk down in Brickfields, also known as Little India, but it’s nothing like Mumbai or Delhi. Another option is the Tune hotel at the airport but its going to blow that backpacker budget all the way back to England!

There’s a bus about every 20 minutes from the airport to downtown Kuala Lumpur leaving from the bus station on the bottom level – just follow the transport signs. At the bus station there is a row of ticketing booths – 11 Malaysian Ringgit to KL Sentral, the city’s prime public transport hub and shopping mall. The bus’s are comfortable, modern and fast taking just 1 hour to downtown.

Now things can get a little complex as the bus pulls into KL Sentral, especially for first time visitors so here are some pointers to help ease things along:

A. The bus stop is ground level with KL Sentral on the left and NU Sentral, the shopping mall on the right. To gain access to either look for a stair case on the left near to where the bus finally stops.

B. Ascend the staircase to find on the left trains at KL Sentral and on the right, shopping.at NU Sentral. Go through the shopping mall and descend back to ground level where across the road is Brickfields and about 35 hotels, about 200 cafes and plenty of people milling around.

C. Alternatively, after getting off the bus, walk straight ahead and follow the road to the right ignoring the taxi drivers. Cross the roads and that’s Brickfields. Google Map:

The cheapest single room I can find in Brickfields is at PODs Backpackers. 65 MYR for a small room, shared bathroom but with air-con. Most rooms in the area are upwards of 75 MYR. A good meal across the road at Jaya is 6-7 MYR. Google  Map PODs Backpackers:

Getting back to the airport is just as easy, go back to where the bus dropped off previously but make sure its the bus going to KLIA2 for Air Asia or KLIA for Malaysian Airlines and just about any other airline for that matter. Again its 11 MYR for the hour long ride.

One other option, there is a train between KL Sentral and the airport but its 3 times more expensive and saves only 25 minutes – your choice!



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