Air Asia – Flight D7 372

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, Sepang, Malaysia, April 2016. Destination Taipei, that’s where I’m off to next – on an Air Asia extra long flight.I don’t usually write about the actual flight experience because, well, flights don’t generally make for a good posting – until today!

Air Asia D7 372 leaving for Taipei at 10 am. Its a 4 1/2 hour flight plus 2 hours to downtown Taipei – Ye’s I’m going to need some food and today’s the day I’ll try out an Air Asia in-flight meal!

According to the Menu in the seat pocket, a special offer of macaroni and chicken to include water, tea or coffee for 20 MYR, about £3.60 or put it another way – the tea is free!

Just ever-so slightly misleading, definitely a mismatch between the menu photograph and the end product which amounts to only about 4 mouthfuls – very poor value for money in my opinion, but at least I wont die of starvation. A few points lost for Air Asia today!


Some phones have a GPS built in – before flying pre-load a google map of the origin and destination on the same screen. Whilst airborne use the GPS to track the flight. Handy because the pilots don’t always say how long the flight will take! Here you can see how I tracked my flight to Taipei. The blue dot with an arrow is of course representing the aircraft’s position and direction of travel.



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