Cambodia – The Verdict

Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016: Another subjective post because each visitor to Sihanoukville will form differing opinions according to their experiences and undoubtedly some will be bad.- food sickness, petty crime and drunken debauchery, yes the party spots across town there in Serendipity have it all!

Personally, Sihanoukville means quiet beach time (away from Serendipity) with all the trappings a tropical paradise can throw in your face – that is, a clean sea,a clean beach, big coconuts, nice coffee, blue sky, hot weather, rustic charm and a good nights sleep, all on the cheap. Sihanoukville hits the spot quite admirably! Overall, its a very nice place with some pretty cool people – the locals I mean. And if your a Brit missing that Friday night pint with your buddies down the pub, well, you can do that here too. Not quite the same but one can observe British guys huddled around a bar, nursing their beer and gently chewing the fat!

Sihanoukville is transforming itself from a sleepy beach town to an international playground. The signs for the future are everywhere to be seen with construction unabated.Foreign investors are rushing in buying up land and building smart new hotels and holiday homes, not to mention the plethora of Casino’s. For now though the place retains its relaxing character and I’d say its a long way off becoming the next Pattaya!

So, as Cambodia 2016 draws to a close lets look back at some of the highs and lows of the last 4 weeks.



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