Cambodia – Sleep, Eat, Drink

Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016. Its my 4th visit here which in its self must be a good recommendation by anyone’s standards!  I always head for the same part of town, stay in the same guesthouse and eat at the same restaurant. I have discovered that a little bit of loyalty can go a very long way here, on Victory Hill, Sihanoukville and its not always about the money. I’ll attempt to explain why I like it here so much below:

Why I like Victory Hill: Simply because the views are pretty good from the top of the hill. Sihanoukville began life here in the mid 50’s with the construction of a deep water shipping port. The clearance of hick jungle was necessary for infrastructure, housing etc. Thankfully though there is still plenty of it left today which provides a scenic foreground for some pretty nice photos.The hill is also a good spot to catch a Cambodian sunset as can be seen in the photos below.


Why I stay at Mealy Chander Guesthouse: Because its cheap and my budget is small! Each time I roll up here there’s a room for $5 a night. Basic and in the basement, but there is a cooling fan and a bathroom with western style toilet – good enough for my requirements as a solo backpacker. March is low season and I’m offered the room for a flat $100 for the month. There are of course better, more expensive rooms with a TV, balcony and air-con for $450 a month. $200 a month will get a bigger room, nice bathroom and a flat screen TV, No balcony though,oh and the cooling fan too. Complimentary coffee for all guests in the morning.

Here, a set of photos from the Mealy Chander. guesthouse.



Why do I eat at Sovann Vortey Restaurant: Because the food is good and cooked hygienically, they give me extra rice each time I ask for it and they throw in a push bike for me to use as and when I don’t feel like hiking down to the beach. I use the place everyday and Its always a problem to find small change so I pay them $20 every 4 days – they like that idea! Oh and Wifi is as fast as you’d find  throughout most of the UK.

A few snaps that might make you’r mouth water.



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