Cambodia – Where To Sleep

Budget Rooms, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016. That’s a big question of course, subjective and depends largely on ones itinerary and budget. Solo travelers are frequently at a disadvantage when it comes to accommodation and budge rooms tend to be somewhat on the thin side, especially in smaller towns. Not the case in Cambodia, visitors pay for the room, the whole room. Right across Cambodia one can find a cheap room, spacious and clean – especially in Sihanoukville where there are more beds than people. So, when your done with Siem Reap and through with Phnom Penh, head south for some very cheap tropical beach time.

Sihanoukville is benefiting from the tightening of Thailand’s visa rules since the military dictatorship took charge a few years ago. White settlers there are slowly migrating towards the southern Cambodian coastal town and coupled with Thai price inflation, Sihanoukville is seen an attractive alternative. This is good news for some, perhaps not so good for others, but in general the supply of cheap rooms doesn’t look like drying up anytime soon.

So, where to sleep on the cheap, avoiding hostels, raucous and rowdy party animals and where the neighborhood has picturesque views across the ocean. Victory Hill, that’s the place to head for and that,s my pick every time. No need to make reservations, just roll up and I guarantee you’ll walk into a cheap room within 5 minutes! The place is compact with  guesthouse every few meters and the place is clean too with some kind of garbage control in place. Rooms here are going for around $8 on average, with air-com, bathroom and TV. Some of the more recently constructed properties are trying to get $15 per night. Everything around here is negotiable, and if your travelling slow, a month say, then monthly rates are even better! Basic fan rooms, double bed and bathroom are around $5 per night. I’m staying a month and paying $100 flat rate for a basic fan room, bathroom and double bed. More about Victory Hill and the neighborhood in the next blog.

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