Cambodia – Victory Hill

The Neighborhood, Victory Hill, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016. so, how does this Neighborhood perched on a hill top far from the madding crowd, really shape up? Well the place is predominantly inhabited with white settlers punctuated occasionally with a native and a few tourists thrown into the mix. The proportions are hard to state, but i’d say its 60/40 to the settlers. Tourist numbers are dwindling now (late March) as low season encroaches with the threat of rain on the horizon. I’ve stayed here also in high season where numbers of visitors are higher but you’d think this place should be busier than it actually is – making for a rather laid back and sedate lifestyle year round.

Bottom Line:The streets are clean, food is prepared and cooked hygienically, the climate is nice and I can sleep at night. Party animals and dancing dudes will find nightlife around here pretty thin on the ground, with a limited number of bars/clubs but to compensate, boys can quite easily find a girlfriend for the night!

Beer is cheap bu food is more than I like to pay but there are local food available on the fringes of the neighborhood, where prices are just $1 for barbecued pork and rice.

here, I’ve taken these snaps that should give a pretty accurate depiction of the neighborhood around here, Victory Hill. As you will see, the place is pretty informal, relaxed and friendly. Street 100, 141 and 139 pretty much defines Victory Hill – Google Map





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